A Fresh Air Fund Thanksgiving Visit!

Mary Daly, her husband Robert, and their two children, Matthew, 9 going on 10, Rachel, 19, and Kevin, 23, opened their hearts and home to Zi Bin, of Brooklyn, for the first time this past August, taking part in the simple joys of summer together at their suburban Morris County area home. The Dalys recently welcomed Zi Bin to their home for Thanksgiving, sharing the joys of their community with him during the off-season.

Zi Bin had met some of the Daly’s extended family during his summer visit, but eight cousins eagerly waited to meet him at Mary’s sister’s house over Thanksgiving. “Zi Bin’s family dropped him off at our house Thanksgiving morning and we left for my sister’s house in Dutchess County, NY. The children played toy cars, air hockey, and video games. Zi Bin met so many new people that day,” recalls Mary. The rest of the weekend was spent at the Dalys New Jersey home watching movies, and making snow globes and rubber band bracelets.

“We love The Fresh Air Fund and want others to be involved. Zi Bin was able to enjoy so many new things during his two visits. We would like to host again this summer and keep in touch throughout the year with our new friend.”