Camp Anita Bliss Coler (ABC)

At Camp ABC, Girls aged nine to 12-years-old live in small groups where they learn to develop self-confidence, independence and teamwork skills. Educational programs promote environmental awareness, cultural arts and physical fitness in a fun, safe, supportive environment. Each session, 216 girls make new friends while participating in many different fun and exciting activities.

For 13-15-year-olds at Camp ABC, The Fresh Air Fund has established the Precious Center for Teen Leadership. Inspired by the film Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire, the Center is intended to give young women a safe, nurturing environment to focus on their futures.

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Activities at Camp ABC

At Camp ABC, our goal is to expose our campers to a wide range of programs and activities in order to increase cultural awareness, physical fitness and camaraderie. Campers are exposed to a wide range of activities, designed to expand their world-view and interests and to develop and sharpen cultural, artistic and athletic skill sets. Our most popular activities include:

Sports and Recreation – Sports and recreation class offers ABC campers the chance to develop fitness and safe-play skills. During class, campers are exposed to a wide range of fun and active games, designed to develop teamwork skills and teach girls about a variety of athletic activities that are available to them throughout the year in their communities. Girls participate in many group team sports, such as volleyball and kickball, tag and race games and steal-the-bacon.

Dance – Campers learn about different cultures and music during dance class. During class, campers learn basic dance steps, as well as their cultural significance. They then have the opportunity to perform in all-camp talent shows. In addition to learning basic choreography, campers are exposed to African music as they accompany each other during dance lessons on a variety of drum, including the Djembe and Congo.

Overnights – Every ABC girl has the opportunity to spend a night camping outside underneath the stars while at camp. Teamwork and friendship are emphasized as everyone hikes to the campsite, puts up tents, starts a campfire and cooks dinner together. Overnights offer valuable lessons in environmental stewardship, where "leave no trace" concepts are practiced. They also offer the opportunity to develop self-reliance and problem-solving skills.

Photography – Campers have the opportunity to express themselves through working on a variety of projects including portraiture, nature photos, action photos and composition.

Swimming – Campers have the opportunity to swim every day while at camp! Every camper is swim-tested on the very first day of camp in order to determine her skill level, and all campers take swim lessons while at camp in order to improve on her swimming skills. Camp ABC is located on the shore of Deer Lake, and campers swim in designated areas in the lake based on their skill level. Red Cross certified lifeguards are always on duty while campers are swimming.

Camper Accommodations

Camp ABC consists of six villages that campers are assigned to upon arrival at camp. The six villages are Arrowhead, Frontier, Lakeview, Overlook, Rocky Ledge and Trailsend. Campers are generally broken up into villages and cabins based on age. Within the villages, campers live in cabins that vary in size, ranging from four to 12 campers. Restroom and shower facilities are separate from living quarters and are located a short distance from each cabin. All of our bathrooms have individual stalls and shower units.

Transportation to Camp

The Fresh Air Fund provides charter buses to Camp ABC the morning of departure from Riverbank State Park (entrance to the park is located at 145th Street and Riverside Drive). Please arrive early in order to ensure your child has to check in. Children return to the same location on the day of return.