During the Summer

Camp taught me that every single one of us has something special to give to the world, and I believe camp is the place to not only share what we know, but learn what we don't know. Camp is continuous growth and learning and believe me when I say that camp doesn't only change children's lives but ours too!– Andy, Camp ABC, Waterfront Director

"Working at The Fresh Air Fund’s camp is quite possibly the most rewarding way to spend a summer. It feels like home with its highly diverse and very inclusive community. During the summer I have been challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone but it’s the campers who have impacted me most. Seeing the children come out of their shell and challenge themselves to try something new is what makes the summer meaningful.– Nienke, Camp Hidden Valley, General Counselor

Staff Training

The Fresh Air Fund provides comprehensive training and orientation before campers arrive. Issues covered during orientation include how to deal with homesick campers, safety matters and leadership techniques. Training is ongoing throughout the summer.

Camp Life

General Counselors live in cabins with a group of children or in cabins next door. Other camp staff live either in camper cabins or staff housing. Facilities at CampsABC,Hayden-MarksandTommyare rustic. Many cabins do not have electricity and bathrooms are located a short walk away. CampsMariahand Hidden Valleyhave more modern accommodations, but all staff should be comfortable living in a rustic environment. Campers and staff eat all meals together in their camp dining hall where a family-style meal is provided three times a day, including daily snacks.

Staff live and work with campers and fellow staff members on a 24/7 basis and should not expect to have access to cell phones, computers and social media throughout the day. Staff may check their phones and use computer labs during their time off but cannot use/check these devices when they are on-duty.

Regular van transportation is provided for trips into town and free laundry facilities are available in a central location on the reservation. Staff members are permitted to have cars at camp.

Time Off

Staff can expect to have at least 24 hours off within each encampment, as well as time out of camp in between encampments. Time off schedules will vary by a staff member’s specific position and camp placement and will be determined at the start of each session.

College Credit

The Fresh Air Fund will assist students who wish to earn college credits for their work at camp. Students should first check with their college to see if they are eligible to receive credit for working at camp and then discuss any requirements ahead of time with an assigned Camp Director to ensure that all necessary paperwork can be completed.