Fatima Shama and Alexis De La Rosa on NBC New York's Visiones

Fatima Shama, Executive Director of The Fresh Air Fund, and Alexis De La Rosa, former Fresh Air Fund child, spoke to NBC New York's Visiones about how participating in The Fund's Friendly Towns Program helped Alexis land a full tuition scholarship at Middlebury College.

“Before going into the program, the things I did over the summer were very limited, but the minute I entered this program … we were doing things like playing tennis, going to a swim club and reading books. It was so different, and I carried that with me when I got back (to New York City.) ... I’m at Middlebury College studying theater and am pre-med on a full tuition scholarship, and right now over the summer I’m at Columbia taking pre-med classes.” – Alexis Dela Rosa

“What starts out over the summer, can blossom year-round and can truly transform the trajectory.” – Fatima Shama

Watch their interview here.