Residential and Day Trips
 at Sharpe Reservation

Sharpe Environmental Center is organized to allow schools and other not-for-profit groups such as Girl Scouts, social service agencies and church groups to conduct residential, environmental education programs.  We are open seven days a week, by reservation only.  The grounds are not open to the public.  The length of trips may vary in length from a few hours with day trips to several days with residential groups.

Full Service Facilities: Camps Mariah, Hidden Valley and Tommy

Camps Hidden Valley, Mariah and Tommy each have a large dining hall with a seating capacity for 200 people, with full-time kitchen staff, restrooms, and large fireplaces.  Each camp has an infirmary with bathrooms, locked medicine cabinets, refrigerator and staff sleeping quarters.  Each camp has a number of program buildings with meeting and activity space.  Camps Mariah and Hidden Valley each have 12 heated cabins with bunks and complete bathroom facilities for approximately 200 people.  All buildings are well-heated and comfortable.  The cabins at Camp Tommy are not heated.

View the seasonal facilities

NEW! Local schools are now eligible to apply for two available grants, which are designed to help continue children's education about the region and make trips to sites like Sharpe Reservation possible. (These are recommended grants that support environmental education trips to facilities like Sharpe Reservation.)