Working at Camp

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will I be hired for the entire summer or can I sign up to work for specific sessions?
A: We are looking for staff who are able to work for all of the session dates and attend our entire orientation. We are unable to consider staff who can only work for part of the summer or need to miss orientation.

 Q: Do you hire international staff?
 A: Absolutely! The Fresh Air Fund hires international staff through placement agencies and also welcomes independent applicants who wish to apply for our program directly through our website. International staff who are hired through our online recruitment process will be required to use a sponsoring agency to obtain a visa for employment at our camps. If you are an applicant who has already signed up for a placement program and are interested in working for The Fresh Air Fund, you can contact your agency directly to request that they send your application to us for review.

 Q: Do all staff have to live at camp and where will I stay during the summer?
 A: We are looking for staff members who are excited to live and work at camp for the summer, and we can only consider staff who are able to live on the property. Our staff will live in a cabin with campers. Our accommodations are rustic, and most cabins do not have electricity or bathrooms. The bathrooms are located a short walk away from the cabin and have running water and electricity.

 Q: Is this a volunteer position or do I get paid?
 A: All of our staff members who are hired to work at one of our camps will be paid for their time at camp. Room and board are also included during all camp sessions.

 Q: I have experience working with children but it was an unpaid job/internship/placement/etc. Does that count towards the requirements to work as a staff member?
A: Definitely! We are looking for applicants who have prior experience working with children but the type of experience can range from babysitting to school placements to paid teacher positions. The most important thing is that you have experience with children and a passion for working with youth.

 Q: Where are your camps located?
 A: Five of our camps are located on Sharpe Reservation in Fishkill, NY, which is 65 miles north of New York City. Camp Junior is located at Harriman State Park.

 Q: How do I get to camp?
 A: We will provide free transportation from New York City to camp on scheduled dates during orientation. If you are traveling 300 miles or more to get to camp, you will be eligible for a travel stipend to help with the costs involved with getting to New York City. We will also provide transportation back to NYC on the last day of camp.

 Q: Can I request to work at the same camp as my friend who is also applying to work there?
 A: We are unable to take these types of requests into consideration when we review applications. We hire staff members on an individual basis, so there is no guarantee that applicants who know each other will be hired for the same camp. We find that staff members often adjust better to camp when they arrive on their own. It allows them to experience camp for themselves and make a better effort to get to know the other members of the camp staff team.